Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Rapid server-deployment on-the-fly

Just finished developing, testing and packaging a new version of the lvm-mgmt plugin for openQRM. As suggested/requested by users it now also supports to manage remote storage-server. The plugin itslelf provides fast-cloning of filesystem-images either on NFS or Iscsi storage-servers using lvm snap-shots.
New filesystem-images now can be created by cloning from existing (known-to-work) server-images within seconds. That means the deployment time is reduced to boot/start time of a system. Kris, a good friend, pointed me to the cool lvm-features and now i really like it and use it myself a lot here in my devel-lab. I created "lots" of diffrent server-filesystem-images from diffrent linux-distributions and store them on a huge lvm-nfs/iscsi storage server. Now, when i need a new machine i simple let openQRM create a clone from those server-templates and start it on a free system.
I never use the actual server-templates for deployment but always deploy the clones. It's fun :)

... the Wii is shouting:"Matt, Matt, come on and play with me!"

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