Thursday, April 26, 2007

Loving the Compiz-Desktop

Upgraded my main workstation last weekend with the latest
Mandriva Spring 2007 plus the awesome new Compiz-Desktop
with the famous "cube" effect for multiple, virtual Desktops.
I really must say i love it ! (both, latest Mdk and Compiz)
The upgrade procedure worked without any problems, have
my homedirs on a separated disk (backuped before) and just
needed to fresh install the base-system and plug-in my
data-disk again. Upgrading has never been simpler.
The "cube" Desktop from the Compiz project now really makes
me utilize all 4 desktops because it is visualized in an
understandable way. So now my brain really believes that my
desktop is a cube and let's it use it in the right way.
Exactly this point did not happen to me before using "regular"
... oh, yes, and the wobbling-windows effect is one of my
favourites too. It makes my MacBooks Desktop look bulky.
To my mind we already have a secret winner in the Desktop-war ;)

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