Saturday, April 7, 2007

new Xen-plugin 0.5 released

Got the new Xen-plugin 0.5 for openQRM 3.1.4 released.
Tried to get some additional people for helping to test the
openQRM plugins through the sf-net "Help wanted" forum.
Will see how this works out.

Was out meeting some old friends last night.
Really nice evening. Got some impressions from their new
PS3 game-console .... it's fun but to be honest did not
really impressed me. Happy that we went with the Wii ;)

Ha, cool, found out how easy it is to connect the Wii remote
via bluetooth to my linux-box using CWiid. In my first tests
it worked fine as a mouse-replacment.
... mhmm, nice, this opens doors for new ideas ;)

Another "woow" for the Wii, just downloaded the free beta
Opera Wii web-browser and checked my gmail on my TV ! That's fun !
I relly think that in just a few years everybody will
have one box for media, games, TV, hdd-recording, Internet
surfing and checking mails, printing text and photos, etc.
Similar what Mythtv provides already but with a "TV-mouse"
like the Wii-remote.

Quiet weekend. Feelt a bit weak, think that a flue is trying
to catch me. My wife's sister and mother are here for a visit in
the museum on friday. Stayed at home to get "stronger" again.
After that we Visited my father and his wife later in the afternoon.
Nice family meeting with "coffee + cake".

mood: fighting the flue, relaxed

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