Thursday, April 12, 2007

fully automated build-farm for openQRM

Worked on enhancing the build-farm for openQRM a bit more.
Now the virtual machines are started automatically one
after another and creating the packages without any manually
interacation needed.
Also packaged and releaesed a new Linux-Vserver and Nagios-plugin
for openQRM 3.1.4. The updates and enhnacements on the Nagios-
plugin are awesome. It now provides very nice graphs and chart
via rrdtools for VE's, resources and the openQRM-server itself.
I love it :) Thanks to my workmate Mahesh.

Made some more experiments with the wii-remote and found out
how suprisingly well it works in combination with Second Life.
It can easily and fully replace the mouse and is a much more
intuitive input/controller for the virtual-reality.
Since the wii-remote covers getting input in 3 dimensions i
think it will be definitely the input-device to use for
future 3D desktops. Made some tests on one of my devel-systems
running Metisse and it is just fun. Sure the usability needs
to be enhanced to make it more easy to use for people.

ha, and since the weather is so nice here we opened
the bbq-season yesterday evening. Was nice and felt like
little holidays in our small and colorful garden.

mood: happy

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