Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What a MP3 player and Cloud Computing have in common

When thinking of IaaS Cloud Computing most of the time it is like a MP3 player. You can easily let users create and start, stop and destroy their own VMs and ... not really much more.

If this is not enough for you


If you like Cloud but still would like to deploy your systems (VMs and "bare-metal") in a regular (non-AMI) way


If you are looking for 100% IT service automation including automatic highavailability, automatic monitoring, automatic backup+restore, automatic IT-documentation, automatic DNS/Network/DNS/DHCP/VLAN management, automatic out-of-band management (including Green IT), automatic application deployment and configuration etc.

... then you should take a look at the openQRM Enterprise datacenter infrastructure and IaaS Cloud Computing solution!

Compared to the MP3 player you can think of openQRM as a full featured Music-Studio application. It can play all kinds of music files (not just MP3s), it lets you record, cut, paste and re-arrange different tracks and song parts, it gives you full control and lets you adjust every bit and pinch of the songs you play and provides you with "super hero power" for your complete music collection.

openQRM Enterprise Datacenter Infrastructure is the "magic potion" for system administrators. It provides a generic Server deployment work-flow which integrates and combines common and custom system administration tools and solutions into a powerful single management console for your complete IT-service Infrastructure; from "A" as in Ansible to "Z" as in Zabbix.

On top of that openQRM Enterprise IaaS Cloud Automation turn your existing openQRM Enterprise Datacenter Infrastructure into a flexible and 100% automated private, public and hybrid Cloud Computing environment including an user-friendly "VM and Bare-Metal Server" Self-Service - no matter which virtualization, storage or network technologies you use.

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