Saturday, April 18, 2009

reply: On the dangers of OHV

My reply to the post "On the dangers of OHV" at : from Kris Buytaert :

I would like to suggest to try out openQRM. That way you can perfectly separate "hardware" (virtual or phyiscal) from "software" (your server-images). With openQRM you are completely independent from any virtual disk-image format. Server-images in openQRM are "just" root-filesystems and you can deploy them to virtual machines of any type and also transparently migrate them to other virtualization technologies and even to physical machines at any time without touching or changing your server-image in any way.
.. just my 2 cents, i can perfectly live without OVF

Your Desktop in the Cloud

"Howto run Desktop applications in the Cloud ?"


open-source: The way it is

just found a great video post of my friend Kris B. about open-source, "The way it is".
Enjoy open-source !!

Thursday, April 9, 2009 Legal Matters

Interesting upcoming Conference about "Legal Matters of interest for professional Open Source users" organized by Raphael Bauduin on the 28. April 2009. Here what this event is all about :

As Free and Open Source software have matured, they have taken a central and critical place in the enterprise. This new approach in licensing software has impact on all levels of business: internal developments, relations with suppliers, liability, etc All this happens in a legal environment that might not have been prepared to the arrival of this approach.

This event will take a closer look at the legal questions arising from the use of Free and Open Source licensed software in a company’s infrastructure, both as an end-user and as a provider.

Speakers are all specialists and will share their knowledge with you during their talks covering these topics:

* Understanding Free and Open Source licenses (Ywein Van den Brande)
* Impact on business conduct: liability, due diligence processes Benjamin Docquir
* Problems encountered by a FOSS developer (Bruno Lowagie)
* code auditing tools , fossology
* EUPL: Why it exists and why it matters (Philippe Laurent)
* Impact on contractual documents (Benjamin Jean)

All details about this event and the registration form are available at the Profoss website at

Thanks Raph !