Thursday, April 26, 2007

Loving the Compiz-Desktop

Upgraded my main workstation last weekend with the latest
Mandriva Spring 2007 plus the awesome new Compiz-Desktop
with the famous "cube" effect for multiple, virtual Desktops.
I really must say i love it ! (both, latest Mdk and Compiz)
The upgrade procedure worked without any problems, have
my homedirs on a separated disk (backuped before) and just
needed to fresh install the base-system and plug-in my
data-disk again. Upgrading has never been simpler.
The "cube" Desktop from the Compiz project now really makes
me utilize all 4 desktops because it is visualized in an
understandable way. So now my brain really believes that my
desktop is a cube and let's it use it in the right way.
Exactly this point did not happen to me before using "regular"
... oh, yes, and the wobbling-windows effect is one of my
favourites too. It makes my MacBooks Desktop look bulky.
To my mind we already have a secret winner in the Desktop-war ;)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kris Buytaert talks about "Managing Virtual Machines with OpenQRM"

My workmate and friend Kris Buytaert talks about
"Managing Virtual Machines with OpenQRM"
at the NLUUG Najaarsconferentie 2007 in De Reehorst.

:) Niiice !

Please find Kris's announcement at :

and some more infos about the event at :

Thanks Kris !

openQRM presentation at the LinuxTag 2007 in Germany

:) happy that my openQRM presentation :

"Managing any flavour of virtualization: openQRM in the enterprise data center"

was accepted for the LinuxTag 2007 in Berlin/Germany.

The presentation will be held in english language and covers the
virtualization features in openQRM. It will give detailed informations
about the openQRM-virtualization layer, the virtualization plugins
(VMware, Xen, Qemu/KVM and Linux-VServer) and how openQRM
conforms all current, mainstream virtualization technologies in a
single management platform.

Please find more informations about this event at :

and about the openQRM-Talk at :

Hope to see you all there !

Thursday, April 12, 2007

fully automated build-farm for openQRM

Worked on enhancing the build-farm for openQRM a bit more.
Now the virtual machines are started automatically one
after another and creating the packages without any manually
interacation needed.
Also packaged and releaesed a new Linux-Vserver and Nagios-plugin
for openQRM 3.1.4. The updates and enhnacements on the Nagios-
plugin are awesome. It now provides very nice graphs and chart
via rrdtools for VE's, resources and the openQRM-server itself.
I love it :) Thanks to my workmate Mahesh.

Made some more experiments with the wii-remote and found out
how suprisingly well it works in combination with Second Life.
It can easily and fully replace the mouse and is a much more
intuitive input/controller for the virtual-reality.
Since the wii-remote covers getting input in 3 dimensions i
think it will be definitely the input-device to use for
future 3D desktops. Made some tests on one of my devel-systems
running Metisse and it is just fun. Sure the usability needs
to be enhanced to make it more easy to use for people.

ha, and since the weather is so nice here we opened
the bbq-season yesterday evening. Was nice and felt like
little holidays in our small and colorful garden.

mood: happy

Saturday, April 7, 2007

new Xen-plugin 0.5 released

Got the new Xen-plugin 0.5 for openQRM 3.1.4 released.
Tried to get some additional people for helping to test the
openQRM plugins through the sf-net "Help wanted" forum.
Will see how this works out.

Was out meeting some old friends last night.
Really nice evening. Got some impressions from their new
PS3 game-console .... it's fun but to be honest did not
really impressed me. Happy that we went with the Wii ;)

Ha, cool, found out how easy it is to connect the Wii remote
via bluetooth to my linux-box using CWiid. In my first tests
it worked fine as a mouse-replacment.
... mhmm, nice, this opens doors for new ideas ;)

Another "woow" for the Wii, just downloaded the free beta
Opera Wii web-browser and checked my gmail on my TV ! That's fun !
I relly think that in just a few years everybody will
have one box for media, games, TV, hdd-recording, Internet
surfing and checking mails, printing text and photos, etc.
Similar what Mythtv provides already but with a "TV-mouse"
like the Wii-remote.

Quiet weekend. Feelt a bit weak, think that a flue is trying
to catch me. My wife's sister and mother are here for a visit in
the museum on friday. Stayed at home to get "stronger" again.
After that we Visited my father and his wife later in the afternoon.
Nice family meeting with "coffee + cake".

mood: fighting the flue, relaxed

Thursday, April 5, 2007

19 additional plugins now available for openQRM

Finally found some time to update/port some of the older plugins
(mostly from openQRM 2.x releases) to latest openQRM 3.1.4.
Now we have 19 additional plugins available :)
The plan is now to re-test them one by one and to prepare new release
packages on the build-farm. Today the first candidate is the Xen-plugin
which i already tested on openQRM 3.1.4.
Also plan to host an Event in Second Life soon to demonstrate the
results and prove-of-concept of the openQRM research-group.
For that i already built a "Virtual data-center Technology Centrum"
on my piece of land within SL (please find at landmark "25,86,42" at Zeds Pitch).
It has an online demo running which shows the features of the bridge
between SL and a real-world data-center. Not sure yet what the best
date will be for this event (if it is set i will post event date here).

A good friend joined us yesterday evening for dinner and we cooked
a great chinese-dinner together. Enjoyed the meal and then continued
our Zelda game on the Wii together with my lovely wife.

mood: busy, happy, relaxed

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Rapid server-deployment on-the-fly

Just finished developing, testing and packaging a new version of the lvm-mgmt plugin for openQRM. As suggested/requested by users it now also supports to manage remote storage-server. The plugin itslelf provides fast-cloning of filesystem-images either on NFS or Iscsi storage-servers using lvm snap-shots.
New filesystem-images now can be created by cloning from existing (known-to-work) server-images within seconds. That means the deployment time is reduced to boot/start time of a system. Kris, a good friend, pointed me to the cool lvm-features and now i really like it and use it myself a lot here in my devel-lab. I created "lots" of diffrent server-filesystem-images from diffrent linux-distributions and store them on a huge lvm-nfs/iscsi storage server. Now, when i need a new machine i simple let openQRM create a clone from those server-templates and start it on a free system.
I never use the actual server-templates for deployment but always deploy the clones. It's fun :)

... the Wii is shouting:"Matt, Matt, come on and play with me!"

mood: happy

Monday, April 2, 2007

lvm snap-shot + udev is a bad combination

Working on updating and enhancing the lvm-mgmt plugin which provides cloning features for filesystem-images in openQRM (NFS + Iscsi).
Progressed fine on this nice and sunny day but spend some hours to find out that lvm snap-shot + udev are not really good friends. It happens to me that it works "sometimes" and sometimes not.
-> very unsatisfying
Then i found out that the reason for that behaviour is udev trying to access/create the device file in the same moment then lvm is doing the snap-shot. Result is that the cloned lvm-device is in an unusable state (e.g. it is not mountable). The solution for that issue was a simple "killall udev" ;) Now it works stable and robust.

mood: progressing, relaxed, happy (found the solution)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

link of today

Google provides internet connection via toilet sewage system
Find more at :
(you may have to be fast since i expect the link to be removed again soon).

Nice and quiet sunday today

openQRM :
Enjoying keeping up with some tasks on this weekend.
Got a new openQRM Aoe-plugin version packaged and released yesterday. Next on the todo is to add support for remote storage-server in the lvm-mgmt plugin and to install a Debian testing-system to re-check and debug the cramfs issues with boot-images created from Debian kernels.

A video demonstration about openQRM Provisiong was just made plublic at the openQRM website ( showing a full deployment cycle from the users and administrators point of view and explaining details about the deployment mechanisms. I like it :)

private :
Played a lot on our new Wii together with my wife the last days. It is really fun and those new, motion-detecting input-system is just great. It is my first game-console (except my little Nintendo ds which i am using with dslinux) and i am normally bored quite fast from video games. The Wii console + games are currently keeping me fascinated.

busy, relaxed