Thursday, April 5, 2007

19 additional plugins now available for openQRM

Finally found some time to update/port some of the older plugins
(mostly from openQRM 2.x releases) to latest openQRM 3.1.4.
Now we have 19 additional plugins available :)
The plan is now to re-test them one by one and to prepare new release
packages on the build-farm. Today the first candidate is the Xen-plugin
which i already tested on openQRM 3.1.4.
Also plan to host an Event in Second Life soon to demonstrate the
results and prove-of-concept of the openQRM research-group.
For that i already built a "Virtual data-center Technology Centrum"
on my piece of land within SL (please find at landmark "25,86,42" at Zeds Pitch).
It has an online demo running which shows the features of the bridge
between SL and a real-world data-center. Not sure yet what the best
date will be for this event (if it is set i will post event date here).

A good friend joined us yesterday evening for dinner and we cooked
a great chinese-dinner together. Enjoyed the meal and then continued
our Zelda game on the Wii together with my lovely wife.

mood: busy, happy, relaxed

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