Sunday, April 1, 2007

Nice and quiet sunday today

openQRM :
Enjoying keeping up with some tasks on this weekend.
Got a new openQRM Aoe-plugin version packaged and released yesterday. Next on the todo is to add support for remote storage-server in the lvm-mgmt plugin and to install a Debian testing-system to re-check and debug the cramfs issues with boot-images created from Debian kernels.

A video demonstration about openQRM Provisiong was just made plublic at the openQRM website ( showing a full deployment cycle from the users and administrators point of view and explaining details about the deployment mechanisms. I like it :)

private :
Played a lot on our new Wii together with my wife the last days. It is really fun and those new, motion-detecting input-system is just great. It is my first game-console (except my little Nintendo ds which i am using with dslinux) and i am normally bored quite fast from video games. The Wii console + games are currently keeping me fascinated.

busy, relaxed

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