Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fire alarm at 2008

We just experienced a fire alarm at the Old Arts building used by
Luckily it could be resolved quite quick, nobody got hurt and the talks continuing.

Funny thing was that the alarm ring seemed to be in a kind of high-available mode because it tried to restart again and again even after it has being turned off.

.... reminded me to yesterday when a small bread on the toaster in the hotel room immediately started the fire alarm. I was flying downstairs to the reception because i read before that it is directly connected to the fire brigade and that you have to pay a real high fine if they are coming out. Luckily it was only the smoke alarm in the room and not the fire alarm of the hotel. Puuuah.

Now i am looking forward to the Penguin Dinner tonight which will be at the tonight at the night market in Melbourne. The social events (and of course the partners program) of LCA rocks !

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