Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Make a phone call with the Wii

Yesterday i used our Wii to initiate a cheap phone call via voice-over-ip.

What a fun :) Here how it works :

- switch the tv to the Wii
- start the Wii internet channel
- go to www.voipstunt.com (our sip-provider)
- login with your username and password
- click on phone2phone
- type your phone number in the first field
- type the destination phone number in the second field
- press "connect"

This will make your phone ring and when you pick up it will connect
you to the destihnation number using cheap voice-over-ip rates.

... thought a bit more about it and it could also be used
to make person A call person B which will kind of confuse them.
(no, please do not ! I did not recommend this to anybody).

Anyway i found out that i can even initiate such a phone2phone
connection via an SMS from my mobile phone. Very useful to save
money for high international mobile phone rates especially when travelling.



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