Saturday, July 28, 2007

Built myself a kitwing

With windsurfing being one of my passions i found the "kitewing" (, a combination between a surf-rigg and a hang-glider. Funny thing :) ... decided to build one by myself.
Here pics from the final design and development :)

Ok, looks good so far.
For now i was able to only test it shortly on a small path, during rain and with very mixed wind and it worked ok. After this first test i optimized some tubes and now i am waiting for wind .... I plan to take it with me to one of the next surf-trips to the dutch coast. (will post a video from the next session)

hang loose

(afaik) Kitewing is trademark of Kitwing Sports Ltd. I do not have any associations with this company but just like their idea and product


Mike Wood said...

Nice work. I have Kitewing and they are great fun. Keen to see your videos

Tarry Singh said...

OK Matt,

Now to post some pics with you hanging on it ;)

Matt said...

;) video of the first test-ride posted. Enjoy

maddy338 said...

hey, I was hoping to build one of these myself because I do not have the money because I am only 14. So I was wondering if you found plans on the internet or just made them yourself and if so where could I find the plans?

herc said...

great work! you are very talented, building such a kitewing from scratch.

do you still use it now and then?

DimitrisG said...

Great work Matt!
I am currently working on building one for myself and I know its a tough project!

Jakub Klemsa said...

seems to be built from old ws sails.. but those don't have straight luff, did you need to resew it in its whole length? what did you actually use for sewing? btw can't find the video either :) thanks for comments!