Saturday, July 28, 2007

Built myself a kitwing

With windsurfing being one of my passions i found the "kitewing" (, a combination between a surf-rigg and a hang-glider. Funny thing :) ... decided to build one by myself.
Here pics from the final design and development :)

Ok, looks good so far.
For now i was able to only test it shortly on a small path, during rain and with very mixed wind and it worked ok. After this first test i optimized some tubes and now i am waiting for wind .... I plan to take it with me to one of the next surf-trips to the dutch coast. (will post a video from the next session)

hang loose

(afaik) Kitewing is trademark of Kitwing Sports Ltd. I do not have any associations with this company but just like their idea and product


Mike Wood said...

Nice work. I have Kitewing and they are great fun. Keen to see your videos

Tarry Singh said...

OK Matt,

Now to post some pics with you hanging on it ;)

Matt said...

;) video of the first test-ride posted. Enjoy

maddy338 said...

hey, I was hoping to build one of these myself because I do not have the money because I am only 14. So I was wondering if you found plans on the internet or just made them yourself and if so where could I find the plans?

herc said...

great work! you are very talented, building such a kitewing from scratch.

do you still use it now and then?

DimitrisG said...

Great work Matt!
I am currently working on building one for myself and I know its a tough project!