Saturday, June 16, 2007

Building a virtualized web-farm with openQRM

I posted an openQRM HowTo about "Building a virtualized web-farm with openQRM" at our new community wiki at :

This HowTo describes step-by-step how to setup a virtualized, scalable and flexible openQRM-environment for hosting customers web-server.

It covers :

- installation of the openQRM-server

- creation of filesystem-images
- fast-cloning of filesystem-images via the lvm-mgmt plugin
- virtualization via the Xen plugin
- enhanced system- and service monitoring via the Nagios plugin
- advanced administration with the webmin- and sshlogin plugin
- automated configuration management via the Puppet plugin

Hope you enjoy this HowTo.

Many thanks, especially to Thomas for hosting the wiki !


DANIEL said...

thanks for describing step by step how to set up a virtualized, scalable and flexible-environment openQRM web hosting client and server, however that also serves to create an online game of softball players

Egemen said... is dead can you give alternative url or something?