Thursday, October 23, 2008

Get the facts about ERP at

If you want to get facts about ERP do not miss the Event on Open Source ERP solutions at the 18 november and 2 december 2008 !

Profoss ( is organising an informative event on 19 november and 2 december 2008 in Brussels about open source ERP solutions, proposing talks by specialists in ERP and enterprise IT. This event is aimed for IT professionals looking to expand their knowledge of the ERP market.

Will be present:

  • Fabien Pinckaers, Founder and CEO of OpenERP,
  • Pierre Spilleboudt, President of Audaxis who will present an open source ERP evaluation method
  • Norbert Wessel, sp├ęcialist in Adempiere and frequent speaker
  • Ron Kramer, sp├ęcialist in OpenBravo
  • Dirk Tombeur, from Microsoft, who will talk about interfacing open source ERP solutions with proprietary products
  • Andreas Kuhne, from Trustable, who will give an example of pripheral software integrated with open source ERP solutions

Case studies will also be presented, enabling participants to discover the implications of an ERP roll-out in their company, with not only possible associated problems but also the solutions to apply.

Due to its goal of objective information, this event is a must for all people interested or involved in the ERP domain, open source or not.

All details about this event and the registration form are available at the Profoss website at

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