Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Combining the virtual and real world

Today Jonathan Oxer presented at 2008 about "Joining Second Life to the Real World". Really cool stuff !

He demonstrated how to interact with the virtual objects inside Second Life using "real world" objects using various small hardware-hacks and making use of the famous Arduino microcontroller. One example was to use a serial RFID-reader, connected to a network socket, to open/close a virtual door within the Second Life virtual reality (John actually has a RFID chip implanted in his arm).

Actually his talk remembers me to my "Data-center within Second Life" project which i was working on about a year ago. My idea that time was to rebuild a "real world" data-center infra-structure inside Second Life, connect it to an openQRM server and enable the administration of real servers from within Second Life.

Basically it is about using the 3D virtual reality of SL as a user-interface for real world objects and/or applications. It worked out pretty well and i even gave a presentation including a live-demonstration within Second Life.about this openQRM sub-project

Here some links to videos of this virtual presentations:
part 1
part 2
part 3

Please find some pictures from this event here.

...... mhmmmm, guess i was "too early" with my idea ;)

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