Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Report: T-DOSE 2007 / openQRM presentation

This is a short report from the T-DOSE linux-conference which took place last weekend (13./14.10.2007) in Eindhoven/Netherland. Looking forward to the congress i arrived in Eindhoven on Saturday morning.
Remembering the last year T-DOSE was a really nice and funny event so i was happy that i was invited to give a talk about "Automated rapid deployment in modern data-centers" there. (please find the slides

I found out was that T-DOSE moved to a new location at Fontys.
;) of course i first went to the old location to find out about that. Stupid Matt, better read the congress information more carefully next time. The new location was fine, a bit smaller but more comfortable. Directly joined the talk about Nagios and Cacti which was interesting. Met a lot of familiar people and also people i just knew from email until then. Always great and funny to actually meet those people in person. e.g. i met with Tarry S., a virtualization specialist, with whom i worked on some openQRM related projects before via internet.
What a fun :) My presentation went fine and the audience happy.
Here some pics of the talk :

Great to see people being amazed by openQRM's features.
Happy that everything went fine with my talk i then fully enjoyed the rest of the T-DOSE conference. The social event in the evening was well organized in a nice Greek-restaurant. Later we went to an irish pub on the opposite of the street. Kris B. and me were actually the last guests there when they closed at 2.00 a.m.

On sunday i joined some more presentations, most interesting was the one from Daniel de Kok talking about "Virtualizaiton techniques in CentOS".
At all i had a great time at T-DOSE and can just recomment this congress to anybody who likes high-quality presentations compared with nice social events.

Many thanks to the T-DOSE team, the friendly staff and especially to Jean-Paul for organizing this event !


T-DOSE 2007 - http://www.t-dose.org
openQRM - http://www.openqrm.org

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Tarry Singh said...


It was real fun to see you present. You have done a great job, I did want to throw some real questions at you, but your personality made me go for the easy ones ..hehe..kidding.

We have got to meet again!

PS: I need the videos so I can put them up on my blog or link it at least!